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Blog post from Malaysia in English!

After Japan, I am stopping by Kuala Lumpur because Fab (Fabiyan = this is not real name of him, just in case) had to come here for business trip this week. I was supposed to go back to Bangalore straight from Japan but I had Malaysia airline's flights to Bangalore via KL. So I was like " why not?" ;)

I didn't bring my computer to this long Christmas and New Year's trip and my "only works by wifi" iPhone is in a bad mood. So I am using Fab's iPad. But he got this iPad in Australia, he (iPad) doesn't speak Japanese (maybe he can, but I don't know how let him speak) so I have to write in English here today.

Fab always recommends me to write blog in English so that he can read and good for me to improve English too.
Actually, I have thought about it too. If this blog is in English, more people can read, not only Japanese people. But I also thought that my Japanese friends who don't speak English would be tired to read. And I think Japanese speaking me and English speaking me have different personality. Just because I don't have many way to express things in English and its easy to express exactly how I feels or what they are.
So I think I will keep blogging in Japanese.

Anyway, as my friends know, I am health and cosmetic freak.
Long time ago, in spite of beautiful skin I was having (just because I was young), I was obsessed with keeping beautiful skin. So I always used good cosmetics and put sunscreen on my face. And did sheet masks, peeling masks and took vitamins and Aojiru (Kale juice) everyday. I thought I would never be aged. :D
But god treated me equally as the other people. As I am getting older, I started feeling that my skin isn't filled with tension and moisture. :(
Not only face but my body too! Plus, the life style in India making it worse due to no walking.

SO! I started exercising everyday. While my stay in Japan, I did leg magic x almost everyday. And in KL, I am running at the gym everyday. It helps me a lot to keep my legs strong and to be fit.
Because of the exercises, I have not gained at all even after holiday season. I've been eating a lot everyday (still eating A LOT after Christmas and New Year! ) lol

Also, since my friend Mr. K lost 14 kg! in an year with drinking healthia Ryokucha, I copied him and was drinking it too while I was in Japan. It might helped to not gain my body!
Exercising to be fit is one of my New Years resolution. So I am keeping motivated with watching YouTube videos my favourite models.

And I researched about cosmetics a lot before I went to Japan since some brands are hard to get in India. I thought I would buy in Europe and Japan.
And decided to used these this time!
SK2, whitening spots specialist & Stempower!
Especially Stempower is fantastic! I am using it for about 10 days but the nasolabial holds (houreisen in Japanese) is getting thinner! Hope my skin will be like models of SK2 ad!

I got more stuff but ill write about it another time after I tried it.
Ok, I'm hungry~
Going to eat

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